Services Offered

Electromechanical Design  (Electric actuators, Motors, Finite Element Analysis, etc.)

Prototype actuators and motors (Full in-house capability to prototype and test actuators and motors)

High frequency magnetics design and prototyping

Power Electronics Design (Inverters, SMPS, Battery Chargers, etc.)

PLECS systems level simulation of complex systems (electromechanical, motors, motor drives)

SPICE simulation of electronic designs

Embedded Systems design 

Prototype electronics (clean sheet design, prototype and small quantity production)

Contract Schematic capture and PCB layout using ALTIUM Designer

Switchmode Power Supply Transformer Design and Fabrication

Pre-Compliance conducted emissions testing and mitigation

Technology evaluation for investment purposes

Expert witness for electronic and electromechanic design 

Technical Reports, How-to’s and custom training materials within the electrical engineering field

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